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What’s the difference with Labour? Ed Miliband speaks:

From the count – Lisa Trickett’s acceptance speech

Lisa gave a rousing, off-the-cuff speech at the Moseley & Kings Heath count, which focused on social justice, jobs and a positive future for all Moseley & Kings Heath residents. Thinking very quickly for such an early hour, Bryan Nott filmed most of it, so we have uploaded it for you all to see. Let us know what you think!

The Labour Party – a vision for Birmingham

Tough choices have to be made when there is less money to go round. But Labour is committed to delivering fairness in tough times and to offering the best chances for the next generation. David Cameron’s out-of-touch Tory government – backed by the Lib Dems – is hitting families hard. They are making tough times even tougher with policies that are hurting but not working.

Getting people into work is the best way to bring the deficit down. Youth unemployment will cost Birmingham £400 million in the decade ahead. Nationally, we would tax bankers’ bonuses to create a fund to help 4,000 of Birmingham’s young people back to work.

We know Birmingham’s families are feeling the squeeze; that’s why nationally we would temporarily reverse the VAT rise – putting £450 back into families’ pockets and knocking 3p a litre off fuel.

  • Locally, we will boost local jobs and businesses. We want Birmingham to be Britain’s enterprise capital.
  • We will introduce a new standard for achievement for our schools to educate and train our children for the skilled jobs of the future.
  • We will fast-track plans for 6,000 private sector jobs on derelict manufacturing sites and demand the £7.5 billion spent by public services supports local jobs and businesses.
  • We will put caring for people first, protecting social care for the most vulnerable.
  • We will support neighbourhood policing, crack-down on anti-social behaviour and focus our attention on drug addicts who cost the city over
  • £500 million a year in social costs.
  • We will create new Birmingham housing partnerships to build affordable homes, creating jobs for local people.

Interested in the detail? Click here for the full Birmingham Labour 2012 manifesto.

Introducing Lisa Trickett, our candidate for the 2012 local elections

by Lisa Trickett

We are living in serious times. Every week we hear about another treasured service being cut by the Tory-Lib Dem Government or the Tory-Lib Dem Council. As a local resident, a mother of two young girls and someone with elderly parents I am deeply concerned about what is happening to our community. I decided that I could not sit by and watch the dismantling of vital services. Huge job cuts will strip away years and years of experience.

Serious times demand a serious response. I will stand up for our community and our city, and you can help by getting in touch with your ideas and concerns.

Together we can make a difference and secure a better future for all.

Our learning community – the future? Community conference report.

by Martin Straker-Welds

Education is an issue of fundamental importance to our community. The way we educate our children and young people plays a major part in shaping our society. It is easy to see education merely as an instrument of economic advancement; a way of creating the workers of tomorrow who will drive economic growth and oil the wheels of industry and commerce; and of course this is partly true.

However, Labour believes that education is much more than this, particularly in an urban environment.

Education is also about self-betterment, self discovery, the joy of developing knowledge for its own sake, the learning of mental disciplines that make us better rounded human beings, an immersive encounter with our peers in all their diversity. The coalition government, in its headlong rush to reduce the deficit, is also reducing the ambition of education, emphasising the learning of facts and devaluing subjects which seem less economically valuable.

So it is important for Labour, locally and nationally, to develop a distinctive vision of how education can work, to pursue the principles which are at the heart of Labour thinking. Ed Miliband has spoken recently about the promise of Britain: he said he would judge the next Labour government by the quality of the opportunities it could offer the next generation, and that it would be a key test for Labour. It must also be a test for Labour in Birmingham, a city which has a fine educational heritage with some excellent schools, but also some pockets of underachievement with some of the lowest rates of educational attainment in the country. So what sort of education policy will we need in Moseley and Kings Heath, and in Birmingham, to make our society better, and to offer the next generation the opportunities they deserve?

In this context, Moseley and Kings Heath Labour Party called a public meeting to discuss the future of education in our area and our city. The event attracted a broad audience of educationalists, activists of various political persuasions, community members and parents, with a lively discussion stimulated by keynote speaker Tim Brighouse. This report summarises the discussion, and we would welcome your feedback.

Our learning community, the future

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