Labour’s Bob Jones elected as West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner

by John Chapman

On 15th November Labour’s Bob Jones was elected Police and Crime Commissioner for our Police Force, and has already kept one of his key campaign promises by vetoing plans to privatise core policing functions.

We know that many electors were unhappy at the way these new posts were bulldozed through Parliament by the Tories and LibDems: it came up again and again on the doorstep, and many Labour members felt exactly the same. But we needed the best candidate to be elected, and the voters duly voted overwhelmingly for Bob.

Interestingly, in Moseley and Kings Heath, Bob Jones took 77.7% of the votes on the second ballot, easily outstripping the Conservative candidate’s 22.3%. The Liberal Democrat candidate had been eliminated in the first ballot, coming in fifth, with just 7.5% of the vote.

PCC Bob Jones (photo by Coventry Telegraph)

We know Bob will serve the region well, and your involvement is key to ensuring that. He will be doing surgeries and public events around the region, as well as being generally contactable in the usual way. All details are here.

So from all of us at Moseley & Kings Heath Labour Party: THANK YOU for electing Bob Jones.

How to vote in the Police & Crime Commissioner elections

On November 15th, the West Midlands will be voting for its first Police & Crime Commissioner. We very much hope that you will be voting for Labour’s candidate, Bob Jones. But whoever you vote for, it is worth noting that the voting system in use for these elections is the ‘supplementary voting system‘ (which we have not used in Birmingham before), so please watch the video below for an explanation:

Let us know if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help.

“On Thursday May 3rd, vote NHS: vote Labour”

While they aren’t to everyone’s tastes, Professor Robert Winston has just delivered one of the most moving Party Political Broadcasts that we have ever seen – and we wanted to share it with people in Moseley & Kings Heath ward, because people tell us every day, in one way or another, how important the NHS is to them.

Labour created the NHS – and now, at its time of need, we will do everything we can to ensure that we protect it. Lisa Trickett is one of thousands of Labour council candidates up and down the country who have pledged to limit the damage inflicted upon the NHS by the Tory-Lib Dem coalition.

Community conference: Our Public Services – the future?

by Lisa Trickett

What happens in public services in the coming years will affect us all, whether we use public services or work in the public sector. It is really important to me, as Labour’s candidate for Moseley & Kings Heath, that local people are involved in the decisions that affect their lives.

So on the 17th November, Shadow Housing Minister Jack Dromey will be joining us to discuss how public services can best be protected from Government cuts and also what we want from public services in the future to meet the needs of everyone. Joining him will be Cllr John Cotton who is the Labour Group lead on devolution of public services.

This is an important opportunity for us to explore, with people who will be shaping policy nationally and locally, how we as a local Labour Party branch can make a difference to the public services around us.

The meeting starts at 7pm at the Moseley Exchange building in Moseley.

Please come to the meeting if you can. Also please forward this to friends and colleagues who may be interested or share the event on share/invite friends to the Facebook event.

I look forward to seeing you.


Introducing Lisa Trickett, our candidate for the 2012 local elections

by Lisa Trickett

We are living in serious times. Every week we hear about another treasured service being cut by the Tory-Lib Dem Government or the Tory-Lib Dem Council. As a local resident, a mother of two young girls and someone with elderly parents I am deeply concerned about what is happening to our community. I decided that I could not sit by and watch the dismantling of vital services. Huge job cuts will strip away years and years of experience.

Serious times demand a serious response. I will stand up for our community and our city, and you can help by getting in touch with your ideas and concerns.

Together we can make a difference and secure a better future for all.

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